What makes a safari tent good?

What makes a safari tent good?

A safari tent is an asset to your business, whether it is a campsite or any other type of organisation. But what makes a safari tent so good? There are several aspects that may determine this. A beautiful appearance, high comfort, a unique experience for your guests, but also a long lifespan are all things that play a role. We are happy to tell you more about all these aspects. What should you pay attention to when buying a good safari tent and what makes the experience of the guests optimal?

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A unique experience for your guests

The reason you buy a safari tent is mainly for the experience of your guests. If you have a campsite, the safari tents offer just that little bit more convenience for those who like to experience the outdoors, but with a little extra luxury. A good safari tent is a tent that at least elicits a ‘wow’ from adults and makes children excited about their cool shelter for this holiday period. Of course, the precise design and layout of your tent also depends on your business. Do you want a tent with a slide and climbing wall where children have the holiday of a lifetime, or is your target group a group that is mainly looking for peace and comfort? At Outstanding we have a tailor-made glamping tent for any target group.

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Convenience for your guest, low maintenance for you

A good safari tent is also a low-maintenance tent. Nobody wants a leaking roof or a sagging bed. The production of the tents should therefore focus on high quality. And that’s what we do every day at Outstanding. Only the best material is good enough for our tents. From the breathable and fungicidal tent fabric to the KOMO-preserved wood. All so that you as the owner benefit from a lifespan of 10 years.

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A good safari tent fits into the environment

Not every accommodation fits every location. A tent can be too big, too small or not fit in a certain place in terms of colour or design. Fortunately, with Outstanding, this will not be a problem for you. Our large range of tents always has one that will certainly suit your campsite or park. For example, you can choose from very small models, but we also offer spacious glamping lodges. Our safari tents always stand out, but in a positive way. Both in the heart of nature and in a busier location, the tents come into their own.

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Which of our safari tents is right for you?

Choosing the right tent is of course very personal. What factors are important to you? Will it be a small compact tent for your park, such as our Safari Tent XS, or would you rather go big with one of the spacious lodges? Do you want a lot of luxury for your guests or is it mainly about the camping feeling? We are happy to help you choose the right safari tent. Please feel free to contact us or take a look at the different tents on our website.

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