The versatility of a safari tent

The versatility of a safari tent

Massages in Outstanding lodgesGlamping tents at height for a unique stay between the wild life in safari parks. Our safari tents in the zoo, transformed into souvenir shops and snack corners with a unique and adventurous look.

The demand for Glamping is not only on the rise at campgrounds and recreation parks. Others are now also playing into the desire for memory-making experiences and using our safari tents for multiple purposes:

  • Souvenir shop
  • Snackcorner
  • Museum
  • Dining
  • Front desk
  • Information point

Let’s take a look at some of our most versatile Glamping projects:

Little glamping tents

Glamping between the rhinos

Safari tents two meters above the ground, with the most beautiful view over the savannah! After an eventful day at the Knuthenborg safari park, guests can relax in the spacious safari tents.

When sitting on the terrace they can follow the life of the big groups of wild animals such as rhinos, giraffes and zebras.

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Safari style tents for sale

Glamping tent in Zoo de Thoiry

In Paris our safari tents can even be found among the dinosaursZoo de Thoiry has transformed part of the park into a dinosaur park. In this part of the zoo our safari tents Wood has been transformed into snack shops. Because of the extra entrance on the long side of the glamping tent, visitors can enter the shop from two sides.

Looking for a unique ice cream shop or snack corner?

We’re happy to inspire you!

Safari tent special use for sale

Safari tent as souvenir shop

Pairi Daiza already had the honour to receive different awards and has been voted Best Zoo in Europe several times. The customer experience is highly valued and the pays a lot of attention to innovation and ambiance. Therefor the park decided to turn our safari tents into adventurous souvenir shops!

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Glamping safari style tent

Football in the longest safari tent ever

In Germany we have built our longest safari tent ever. The roof of this safari tent Wood is a whopping 19 meters long! At Rutherhof visitors can play Poolball, which is a combination of pool billiards and soccer. Who’ve ever imagined playing football on a large pool table in our safari tent?

Curious how we reinforced this 19 meters long safari tent because of its length?

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Safaritent for special events

Glamping in the trees

A night in the trees in the heart of the Wildlife Park, guarantees a night to remember! Several safari tents XS on platforms are suspended between trees. Equipped with a king size mattress and two comfortable chairs on the terrace, guest can sit and relax while admiring the animals gamboling on the grassland.

Looking for a way to offer your guests a unique overnight stay?

Watch the Tree Tent video and get inspired!

Buying A Glamping Tent

A safari tent for every event

The demand for Glamping is not only on the rise at campgrounds and recreation parks.  Festivals are now also cleverly playing into the desire for memory-making experiences and the Glamping trend.

A number of festivals have already set a course by offering a range of different types of accommodation.

Our safari tent XS has already been at several big festivals and weddings. 

Glamping tent festival Mysteryland

Unique meetings in a safari tent

Who ever said meetings are boring? At BuitenOverleg in the Netherlands, companies can hire their spacious Outstanding Lodge at the waterfront. This Glamping lodge is over 40 m2 and can be used for meetings or presentations for groups up to 30 people.

This might be one of the most inspiring environments for meetings!

Lodge tent kopen