The classic safari tent

The classic safari tent in all its glory

The classic safari tent, the beginning of glamping. A versatile and therefore popular safari tent. Although there is a lot of choice in the area of safari tents and lodge tents these days, this classic still maintains its popularity. And that is not surprising! Our Safari Tent Wood is the ideal family accommodation. There’s just enough room to accommodate a large family, yet it is not too big. The tent is fully equipped with a built-in kitchen and bathroom (optional).

The best way to fulfill the wishes of your guests: a real camping feeling, but with a little more luxury.

Safari tent glamping

Which of our tents suits your purposes?

For this amazing tent, we have three standard sizes available in order to help you choose the best tent for you. All the tents are equipped with a large awning, so rain will no longer be a deterrent to enjoying the outdoors. Our AN3 Wood is suitable for 2 to 4 people. With a total area of 5 by 5 metres, your guests will have all the space they need. The AN4 Wood can accommodate up to 6 people and our AN5 Wood can easily accommodate 8 people. Your choice of course will depend on what other accommodation is available in your park, as well as your target group.

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Easily create more space by extending the tent

Are the standard options a bit too tight for you? The safari tent can then easily be extended with extra parts, so your tent can be adjusted to exactly the size you want. The wooden walls with compriband offer your guests extra privacy. Want a real eye-catcher for your park? Elevate your tents! With the help of sturdy posts, we can raise a tent to no less than 2.30 metres. This creates a real highlight for your guests. In addition, the space under the tent can also be used, so the entire space is optimally utilised.

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At Outstanding you will find tents with an optimal lifespan

Because we always choose the best materials, such as preserved wood, strong frames and impregnated tent cloth, all our safari tents have an optimal lifespan. Our high-quality TenCate tent fabric prevents mould, and our inner tents consist of separate parts, so they are easy to extend or replace. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to continuously improve our safari tents. For example, we have developed our own end couplings that help to extend the life of a tent. Thanks to our innovative ideas and our eye for sustainability, you can always count on Outstanding tents of the highest quality.

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Come and visit our showroom and take a look at the Wood safari tent

You get the best impression of course when you view our tents first-hand. Which is why all of our safari tents can be viewed in our showroom in the Netherlands. In addition, our website gives a good overview of the various safari tents we have placed. For example, see what the Wood looks like at a height of 2.30 metres or see how you can design the layout for a field full of safari tents. Convinced of the charm of the classic safari tent? Request a direct quote or contact us to hear more about all the possibilities.

safari tent glamping