The little one

  • Functional in use

  • Quickly recovered after 1 year

  • Can be placed at a height

  • With terrace

  • Optionally as an extra “room”

  • Can be moved quickly as a whole

Our smallest safari tent

It is guaranteed love at first sight when you get to know our XS safari tent. When you hear small, you probably think sweet and cute. It is only 2.5 x 3 metres. But our smallest safari tent is at least as tough and luxurious as its bigger brothers.

The XS is suitable as a small hiking tent. This way, guests who only stay one night can still camp in luxury. Do you have a lot of children on your camping site? It’s more fun for them to have their own glamping tents. And for you, the XS safari tent is a great investment because of its low price.

Types Safari tent XS

Product information

  • 12,5 m² total floor space

XS at height

  • 12,5 m² total floor space

A versatile safari tent

Are you looking for the perfect safari tent to offer hikers and cyclists a good night’s sleep? Are you considering adding a choice of a smaller accommodation to your campgrounds?

Perhaps you are looking for innovation to stand out. Do you want to give children an unforgettable adventure with their own tent? The XS serves many purposes and even has the option to be moved.

The XS may be smaller than the other models, but make no mistake. That in no way diminishes the ease of use and quality you may expect from us. You can keep the XS out all year, no matter the weather.


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