Haddorfer seen – Wettringen

Haddorfer seen – Wettringen

Nature, sports and relaxing

A peaceful campsite located in the centre of the Haddorfer Seen tourist area. Everyone is welcome: families, children, couples, large groups, senior citizens, nature lovers, sport enthusiasts and people who just prefer to relax can enjoy their holiday. Pets are also welcome.

Unrestricted access to the water

This campsite has almost 500 pitches, is open throughout the year and their guests have unrestricted access to the water for sailing, fishing and swimming and of course to the natural moorland.

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At this location we have placed the tent below

Safari tent AN3 Steel

2-4 persons

5 x 5 metre

Ultimate convenience with the AN3 Steel safari tent The perfect place to stay when on holiday: the AN3 Steel. This luxury Outstanding safari tent is known for its...

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