Concierge Camping

On-site luxury safari tents

Why not leave the camper at home? Start a new adventure in their on-site luxury safari tents.

Equipped to the highest standard, this new luxury accommodation is the latest addition to the award winning Concierge Camping site. Inside you’ll find a full kitchen with range-cooker, showers, televisions in the lounge area and master bedroom, BBQ area and choice of comfy seating.

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At this location we have placed the tent below

Safari tent AN5 Wood

4-12 persons

5x9 metre

The ultimate team spirit with AN5 Wood safari tent The holiday starts immediately for those arriving at the AN5 Wood. It’s got everything. The relaxing feeling...

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AN5 Lodge

4-12 persons

10 x 4.15 metre

All the space and comfort you need. The Lodge offers all the ease, luxury and convenience of a home, with the fun aspect of camping. The tent has a covered...

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