Safari tent XS

When you see our safari tent XS, we can guarantee you it will be love at first sight. When you think of small, you probably think of cute and adorable. And this tent is small, at just 2.5 X 3 meters. But our smallest safari tent is just as trendy and luxurious as its bigger brothers.

The XS is suitable as a small hiking tent, so guests who only want to spend one night can still camp in luxury. And do you have many children at your campsite? Then they’ll love to have their own glamping tent. Moreover, the affordably-priced safari tent XS is an attractive investment for you as a campsite owner.


Safari tent Compact

Are you looking for a compact yet luxurious glamping tent? Our Compact safari tent is called compact for a reason. It has everything you need for camping in luxury, including a kitchen, bedrooms and a patio. This tent may be smaller and less tall, but it still appears spacious with its sizable windows in the front of the tent.

Are you short on space on your campsite? Then the Compact is the ideal solution for you, so you can provide your guests with the luxury of glamping while getting the best value for money per m2.


Safari tent Wood

The Safari tent Wood is a true classic but with all the latest features. This true-to-type safari tent marked the beginning of glamping, and we’ve given it a slight make-over to make it even better than the original. This tent is made up of several elements connected by strong zips. The innovative coupling system and handy window closures make the tent slightly different from the safari tent you’ve come to know and love.

You can choose from several different formats. To help you make the right choice, we have three standard formats. Are you looking for a larger tent? By adding additional elements from our stock to an existing tent format, you can expand the tent to any size you wish. And you will still have your safari tent delivered in no time.


Safari Cottage

Once you see the Safari Cottage, we know you will be excited about glamping. The clipped gable roof and entrance immediately catch the eye. The unusual design and large windows give the tent a unique appearance. The windows are not only a feast for the eye, but they let in plenty of light.

The extra 0.5 metres the cottage offers provides space for a flexible interior, with room for a complete private bathroom, a sitting and dining area and a kitchen. In other words, plenty of possibilities! Moreover, you can create an additional dining area, seating area or place a hammock on the large patio, making the Safari Cottage exceptionally practical and efficient.


NEW: Safari tent Fellow

Are you looking for a safari tent that takes up little space yet still offers luxury to your guests? Then the Fellow safari tent is the ideal choice! The Fellow is highly suitable for smaller groups of camping enthusiasts looking for a little more space and luxury.

The Fellow is available in three formats and can be furnished with a living area, kitchen and a private bathroom. In other words, this compact safari tent can be equipped with all the comforts of home. Besides a spacious sleeping area, the safari tent also comes with a covered terrace in front of the tent so your guests can enjoy warm summer evenings outside under the stars.


Medley Lodge

The Medley Lodge is a lodge tent unrivalled by any other: a unique sight. The open entree is situated on the long side, giving the tent an open and welcoming atmosphere. It also allows you to furnish your tent practically and efficiently. The terrace is also situated on the long side, so you have a spacious veranda.

Is the sun nowhere to be seen? Then the Medley Lodge is the perfect glamping tent. Because even when it rains, both young and old will find entertainment in this tent. With a TV, slide and climbing wall, the children can play to their heart’s content while the closed-off bedrooms allow parents to retire for some quiet.


NEW: Ranger Lodge

The ultimate accommodation for adventurers, that’s our Ranger Lodge in a nutshell. This safari lodge is the perfect base from which to explore the surroundings. Thanks to its unique design, open appearance, and the special option to add an  additional small tent, the Ranger Lodge is unique in its class. This optional small tent is located on the first floor above the porch and gives children the feeling of sleeping in a treehouse. A unique and delightful experience for your guests!

The Ranger Lodge is efficiently laid out and features all the comforts of home. The lodge also has an expansive living area with large windows and a wonderfully spacious porch that runs across the entire width of the tent.


Thermo tent

With our thermo tent, we take glamping to the next level. You no longer have to worry when autumn comes around and wonder if your guests will be warm enough. With these insulated tents, you will provide your guests with an Outstanding camping experience, no matter the season. Thermo tents give camping in luxury a whole new dimension.

Our unique thermo tents provide top-class quality and year-round pleasure:

  • Solid, insulated, sustainable panels that are KOMO-quality marked and FSC-certified.
  • A glass facade for an optimal balance between comfort and experiencing the outdoors.
  • Four seasons of glamping pleasure.
What does your ideal safari tent or lodge look like? We can offer you advice on the countless available possibilities. Together we will find the glamping accommodation that best suits your needs. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you make your dream tent a reality!