An Outstanding year

An Outstanding year

It is that time again, the time of the year to look back. Time for reflection and thereafter looking forward to 2018. This year we look back with Gary Oldfield, Salesman at Outstanding. What is his view on 2017 and what does he expect for the new year?
Gary, the festive season is about to begin. What do you wish for your customers in 2018?

A memorable happy and enjoyable time with family and friends during the festive season and good health for the new year.

What is the word that comes to mind when you think of 2017?

A year of  progress

Is that what you think when you look back over the past year?

We have had an unprecedented level of enquiries and orders during the year from single unit to multiple installation, with varied and diverse locations throughout the UK and ROI. Domestic property, farming, large estates, hotels, pubs, and prime holiday locations. Demand has changed to the larger tents with our full fit out luxury interiors without question. Our market leading structural design changes for 2017 really hit the market well and customers clearly could see why we were Outstanding in all areas. We listened, pushed boundaries and delivered beyond our competitors. The two floor lodges have been a real head turner too.



What sticks in your mind most of all?

Probably the Glamping show, so many people walking through the tent doors, stopping still and saying ‘wow is this really a tent’? The sheer amazement at how complete the interior are, children climbing the stairs in the Lodge to find their own den, the surprise when people see a 6ft wide four poster bed, and many more compliments. When you hear for your self directly from the customer you know you have a great product, it gives you immense pride. It has been and continues to be a great job, meeting lovely people, working from the outset on prospective projects, advising on tent styles and location, and of course those challenging planning officers!

And now we are on the threshold of the new year. What is the word that comes to mind when you think of 2018?

Exceeding expectations

Can you explain?

2018 is without question going to be not only challenging with all the installations, but also rewarding. We are starting the new year with already, annual record sales. Demand for Safari tent glamping continues to increase and we are moving with the market. The UK holiday sector continues to grow, and lets hope we have some good weather to go with it. Outstanding UK team are all looking forward to the coming year, we love to hear from you, and can’t wait to see you make a successful business with our Safari tents. On behalf the UK team, have a great Christmas break and all the best for the New Year!


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