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Luxury glamping in high-quality safari tents

Glamping in a safari tent: more and more people choose to spend their vacation this way every year. As a campsite owner or other entrepreneur with overnight accommodation, it is smart to respond to this trend. The demand for special overnight stays will only increase in the coming years, as people are increasingly looking for special experiences. And you can offer them that special holiday in a luxury safari tent from Outstanding.

In our safari tents, your guests have all the luxury they could wish for and the outdoors is always nearby.

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Which glamping safari tent suits your target group?

At Outstanding, we have a suitable glamping safari tent for every group. From a compact and cosy tent to a large lodge with plenty of space. And with our tents, you’re not even bound to a single season anymore. Our thermal tents offer your guests a warm and comfortable accommodation even in winter.

We will be happy to help you find which of our safari tents best suits your needs. Because the perfect tent looks different for everyone. But with the many possibilities in models and sizes, your tent is sure to be among them.

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From small to large, discover our wide range

At Outstanding you will find the glamping safari tent you are looking for. Take a look at our Safari Tent Wood, for instance. This safari tent was the start of glamping and our innovated version is still our most popular safari tent. It is the perfect location for both couples and families. If you want to offer your guests a new dimension of glamping, you can do so in one of our lodges. There is no lack of space with the optional extra floor in the Outstanding Lodge or indulge your youngest guests with a climbing wall and slide in the Medley Lodge!

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Why our customers choose a glamping safari tent from Outstanding

What is the reason our customers choose Outstanding? This is a combination of factors. First of all, the very customer-friendly service from our enthusiastic team. Because of our extensive experience we always know which tent suits you and your business. Another factor is of course the quality of our tents! We produce our tents ourselves and use only the best materials for this. Due to the high quality and our smart innovations, our tents have a lifespan of up to 10 years. And no matter where your company is located, our assembly team takes care of botht for you. Your glamping safari tent will be delivered fully furnished if desired!

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Will our tents soon be the eye-catchers of your business?

When do you choose this very profitable investment for your company? Please contact us if you have any questions about our tents or if you’d like to drop by. It is also possible to take a virtual tour through our showroom. Did you know that our tents can be found in more and more different countries? Even in Peru, guests enjoy our glamping safari tents. View a selection of our hundreds of customers to gain inspiration for your business. Will you soon be among our satisfied customers?

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