Luxurious glamping tents for sale

Luxurious glamping tents for sale

Outstanding offers glamping tents for sale for campsite owners, as well as for entrepreneurs in other types of recreational endeavours, because glamping is no longer just for campsites. Various types of companies are now capitalising on the popularity of this luxury tent. The glamping tent can be used as holiday accommodation, but can also be used, for example, for catering purposes. We have a large variety of glamping tents for sale at Outstanding in order to meet the demands of all of our different types of customers. From small, compact tents to large lodge tents with lots of space, we would like to introduce you to the diversity of glamping!

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Multi-purpose glamping tents for sale

Glamping tents are most often used as holiday accommodation. Many campsite owners realise that the demand for glamping is increasing and will certainly continue to increase in the coming years. Responding to this demand by buying glamping tents is therefore a smart step financially. Glamping tents can be used for more than just holiday accommodation, however. For example, our smallest glamping tent is often used as a luxury hiking tent. And our large lodge tents are ideal for use as group accommodation, or can also be used as a reception area, a restaurant, a museum or a souvenir shop.

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A glamping tent supplier to meet your needs

As a glamping tent supplier, we are of course eager to respond to any new developments on the market. We have both small and large glamping tents for sale, with varying degrees of luxury per tent. You can choose from tents with or without sanitary facilities. Furthermore, we can furnish them in such a way that they’re suitable for both bigger and smaller families. Perhaps you’re looking for stylish group accommodation. If so, we can simply extend your favourite tent by a couple of metres. If it’s not possible to expand at ground level, maybe our lodge with an optional extra floor is the right solution for you. Or perhaps you can make optimal use of the space you have with our narrower and most compact tent.

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Glamping tents for sale with completed interior

Decorating a glamping tent can be quite difficult for some. What type of furniture is best and contributes to a real glamping experience? Feel free to contact us to help you choose the perfect interior. We have different interior styles that will certainly suit your needs. From rustic, wooden interiors to hotel chic, we are happy to help you create the right atmosphere. If you buy furniture to go with your glamping tent, we will deliver the tent to you fully furnished!

Luxury glamping tents

Our glamping tents can be found all over the world!

And we are quite proud of that. Our tents are not just limited to the United Kingdom – they can be found in dozens of other countries as well . Feel free to contact our consultants located outside of the UK regarding glamping in other countries. We are happy to take care of the transport and construction for you. Are you curious about what you can expect from our Outstanding service? We are happy as well to tell you anything you need to know about our company, and of course about the special glamping tents that we have for sale. Request more information or a direct, customised quote!

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