Glamping tents made to measure

Glamping tents made to measure

Vacationing in glamping tents is becoming ever more popular. More and more people are becoming convinced of the benefits of spending their vacation in a luxury glamping tent. The people that are interested in this also differ more and more. Not just families are interested in luxury camping; couples or larger groups also see the advantages of staying in a glamping tent. In order to provide each group with a suitable accommodation, it can often be wise not to choose several tents of the same size, but rather to vary them.

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Outstanding has suitable glamping tents for everyone

Where a couple doesn’t need a lot of space on their holiday, a family with young children often appreciates having a lot of space in the tent. It is nice if the children can use their energy inside during a summer shower. At Outstanding we have a tailor-made glamping tent for any group. We offer different models, each with their own characteristics. Where one is very suitable for a couple or an average family, other tents are very suitable for larger families or groups. This way, you decide which tents are suitable for your target group(s).

Buying A Glamping Tent

Take advantage of our customisation

We offer different sizes for each type of tent. So there is always a tent that exactly matches your wishes in terms of size. Is there something you’d like to see different? Then together with you, we will look at how we can deliver the ideal tent. Thanks to this customisation, our glamping tents are suitable for very varied groups. Are you focusing on a specific target group or do you want to broaden your audience with the glamping tents? Please contact us for personal advice. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know exactly which of our tents best suits your needs.

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Visit our showroom to see all the possibilities

Naturally, investing in glamping tents is a decision that you do not take lightly. With a lifespan of 10 years, you will enjoy our glamping tents for a long time. But you do want to make sure you choose the right tents. On our website you will find extensive information about all our tents, including photos. But of course, you get a better impression when you see the tents in real life. So feel free to visit our showroom in Renswoude, where you can get a good impression of our beautiful glamping tents.

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From Belgium to Peru

Outstanding’s glamping tents are going all around the world. Our beautiful tents are of course found at many campsites in the Netherlands, but many entrepreneurs have already opted for this smart investment across the border as well. Do you have a campsite abroad and would you like to offer this form of vacationing to your guests? We also take care of the arrangements abroad. Both transport and construction are taken care of by our professional team. Do you prefer doing it yourself? Then, of course, you will receive specified assembly instructions. Opt for Outstanding’s beautiful glamping tents and experience our progressive service!

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