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10 December 2019

2019 Thank you for all the lessons

2020 We are ready.

It was quite a year, a lot has happened. All the more fun to look back on 2019 and look ahead to 2020. For ourselves, too, because what a fun and dynamic industry to work in. Each customer has their own unique plans, special location and personal wishes. Whether it’s an extension to, or a start up of a glamping, it’s always exciting to be able to contribute our part. Our enthusiastic team shares a passion for glamping. And we enjoy sharing that with our customers. What a great way to work!

As with every year, we like look back on it, along with Robin, co-owner of Outstanding. So, what really stood out for him this year? And what is he setting his sights on for 2020? Because you know us by now, we don’t stand still, and we’re always looking forward!

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