Buying luxury tents

Buying a luxury tent – what to pay attention to?

Buying a luxury tent is a purchase you don’t make lightly. It is a significant investment, but on the other hand, of course, it is also a very smart investment. Provided you buy a luxury tent of good quality.

It is of course a shame if you find out after the purchase that the tent does not meet your wishes or that the quality leaves a lot to be desired. It is therefore smart to pay attention to different aspects when buying a luxury tent.

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Buying a luxury tent that fits your vision of the future

It may sound obvious, but it is wise to consider in advance what your wishes are for the luxury tent you are going to buy. Is it a luxury holiday accommodation for families or is it meant as accommodation for people who stay at your park for one night? For example, if your target group expands to larger families over the years, a certain tent may eventually turn out to be too small. And that, of course, is a waste of your investment. So don’t just think about what your needs are right now, but also keep your vision of the future in mind.

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Buying a high-quality luxury tent

It is important that the luxury tent you purchase is of good quality. Both for the safety of your guests and for the return on your investment. At Outstanding, the quality of our safari tents is our absolute priority. For example, we use very durable wood, strong couplings and TenCate tent fabric that can withstand all weather conditions. All our measures ensure that the lifespan of our tents continues to increase. With a long lifespan of 10 years, you’ll get a great return on your investment.

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A suitable interior for your safari tent

The interior should of course match the appearance of the luxury tent. After all, a tough tent deserves a tough interior. That is why we supply furniture made of beautiful and high-quality scaffolding wood. There is no need to worry about splinters, because all of the wood is splinter-free. And the coating ensures that little maintenance is required. Of course, the furniture alone does not complete the interior of the tent. If desired, we can furnish the entire tent in style, from the mattresses to the coffee machine. This means you don’t have to worry a thing.

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Contact us for appropriate glamping advice

Do you have specific questions or do you have doubts about the purchase of a luxury tent? We at Outstanding understand this better than anyone. We are happy to help you with everything involved in buying a safari tent. If you have already found the tent and model of your choice on the website, do not hesitate to request a free quote. Not sure which tent is right for you? With our years of experience we can help you with tailored advice, so you can buy the right luxury tent for your business. Contact us and experience Outstanding’s outstanding service!

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