Buying a tailor-made safari tent

Buying a tailor-made safari tent

Buying a safari tent involves a myriad of choices. One of them is to determine the size of the new tent. The sizes of safari tents can vary considerably. And at Outstanding you have plenty of choice. We have small and compact tents, but also large lodges that are even used as group accommodation. In addition, there are different models for each type of safari tent, which can also differ in size. Are you looking to buy a new safari tent? Then you have every opportunity to choose the size that perfectly suits your plans.

Buying A Safari Tent

Buying a safari tent at Outstanding means buying a customised tent

Depending on your plans, you will need a larger or smaller safari tent. And we have many different models for you to choose from. What if the size you want is not included? Or is there a model that appeals to you, but is it just too small or too big? Of course, we want to provide you with the tent you are looking for. So do you want to buy a safari tent that is just a metre longer, or has a different layout? At Outstanding we are only satisfied when our customers are fully satisfied, so we are happy to help you.

Buying A Safari Tent

What kind of target group will be staying in the safari tent?

The size of the safari tent(s) you buy will of course also depend on the target group that will be staying in it. For instance, families tend to require a different safari tent than people who are passing through and want to stay for one night. There is also the question of how much space you have to pitch the tent. Do you prefer a compact tent or would you like to offer your guests lots of space in one of the large lodges? Depending on your target group, we will be happy to advise you on which safari tent best suits your needs. This way, you won’t make a mistake when buying your safari tent.

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Raise, extend or shorten

Our safari tents are very versatile in use and there are also many options in their construction. Want to shorten a tent by one metre? No problem. And with our Outstanding Lodge, you even have the possibility to go vertical with an extra floor. This way, you make optimal use of space and your guests have a spacious tent with the advantage of even more space, which can be used, for example, as a place to sleep. Buying a safari tent is a good investment, and because of our customisation, you can be sure that you are buying the right tent.

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Let us know which safari tent you want to purchase

At Outstanding you can buy a safari tent that has the right size for your (future) purposes. Because our tents last quite a while: they have a lifespan of 10 years. It is therefore important that the tent meets all your requirements and that you remain optimally satisfied with your safari tent(s) for the entire lifespan. And we are happy to help with that! Please contact us personally to inform us of your wishes. Together we look at which of our safari tents best suits your wishes, your target group and your business.

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