Buying a glamping tent with an optimal return

Buying a glamping tent with an optimal return

Buying a glamping tent from Outstanding means buying a glamping tent with an optimal return. And that return on investment can be explained in several ways. First of all, a glamping tent is of course an interesting investment. This is partly due to a long lifespan of 10 years. In those 10 years, you can easily earn back the investment of your glamping tent. In addition, you will make your campsite more attractive to multiple target groups, thus appealing to a wider audience. As a result, a glamping tent gives you an optimal business return.

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Buy a glamping tent with the best possible yield per m2

Another way of looking at the optimum yield is how a glamping tent uses up the number of square metres. Do you have little space available? Even then, we have a safari tent where your guests enjoy all conveniences. Thanks to a smart interior design, the surface area in the tent is optimally utilised and your guests will want for nothing. There are also models where you have the possibility for an extra floor. By going vertical, you make full use of the available space and your guests still have a very spacious feeling.

At Outstanding you always get quality

In the production of our tents, building with materials of the highest quality is of paramount importance. After all, we want you, as a customer, to get the most out of our tents. Buying a glamping tent from Outstanding means buying a glamping tent where every aspect has been thoroughly thought out. From the tent fabric to the wooden beams and the couplers with which they are fastened. For each part of our tents, only the best is good enough. This ambition results in sturdy and beautiful tents that can take a beating and have a long lifespan. So that it becomes an optimal investment with an optimal return for you.

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Buy a glamping tent that suits you

Buying a glamping tent for your campsite is a personal choice. After all, it’s not a purchase you make every day. In addition, your future plans for your business also play a role. The tent should appeal to you and suit you. What kind of accommodation would you like to offer your guests? And what kind of target group would you like to appeal to? At each campsite, there are other aspects that play a role. We want to help you find out which one of our tents best suits you and your needs.

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Which glamping tent will be on your campsite next season?

At Outstanding, we sell several models of glamping tents. From very compact to very spacious. Did you know that our largest glamping tents are not only suitable for glamping, but also for group accommodation or even hospitality purposes? There are also different sizes available per tent model. This means there is a suitable tent for everyone. Do you also want to distinguish yourself and get ahead of the competition? Please contact us to discuss which of our unique glamping tents best suits your needs. At Outstanding we have the ideal glamping tent for every campsite.

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