A wide range of luxury tents

A wide range of luxury tents

Luxury tents are becoming an increasingly common accommodation on campsites, but also in other recreation parks. And that’s not strange, because your guests are increasingly looking for this kind of luxurious accommodation! If you have a campsite, you will probably notice the shift more and more. Your guests want convenience and comfort when they go on vacation. And most importantly: Experience things! And they will certainly have that special experience in a luxury tent from Outstanding. Our tents are a feast for the eyes, both inside and out. With such eye-catchers on your premises, you are sure to attract the attention of new potential guests!

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Discover Outstanding’s luxury tents

Outstanding would like to introduce you to the world of luxury tents. Because that’s what we’re all about! From large spacious lodges to small, but no less luxurious nomad tents, we have the perfect tent for your guests! View all our tents to see which tent suits your needs. Is our Compact the tent you’re looking for? Or does the Medley Lodge make your heart beating faster? We are happy to help you make the right choice for your guests.

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Luxury tents of the highest quality

When buying luxury tents, the quality of the tents is an important issue. After all, you want to benefit from your investment for as long as possible! The safety of your guests staying in the tents is also important. Whether it’s glamping or one of the many other activities that our luxury tents are suitable for. Through the use of high-quality materials, we can guarantee this quality for each of our tents. And our continuous innovation means that our tents have a lifespan of no less than 10 years!

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A special stay in our tents

Surely, you would like to give your guests a special stay? Whether it’s a glamping holiday or a dinner in a tent converted into a restaurant. The big advantage of our tents is that your guests are provided with all comforts while being able to enjoy the outdoor life to the fullest at the same time. For example, our tents have large windows, so that the outdoors come all the way inside. And for those warm summer evenings, all our tents have a spacious covered terrace. But our luxury tents are the right choice in winter as well: discover our insulated thermal tents!

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Which of our glamping tents suits your needs?

High-quality luxury tents that are also a feast for the eyes: you will find them at Outstanding! We will be happy to help you not only with the tent itself, but with the interior as well. From tough scaffolding wood to a true hotel experience: choose exactly the furniture that suits your needs.

Curious about all services of Outstanding, such as transport and assembly both domestically and abroad? Or would you like a personal calculation of the return on investment of your new tents? You can also always come to us for a tour of our showroom to take a closer look at all our tents. We hope to welcome you soon at Outstanding!

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