A sustainable safari tent

A sustainable safari tent made of the best materials

Camping in a safari tent (glamping) is becoming ever more popular. Basically the same as normal camping, but with extra luxury and less primitive. More and more people find this the ideal way to spend their vacation. If you have safari tents on your campsite, you will attract an additional target group. Sustainability is an important factor when purchasing safari tents. After all, the tent is intended as an investment for a longer period of time. At Outstanding, we use the best materials for our tents and we are always further innovating our tents. As a result, we supply sustainable tents that you hardly have to worry about.

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We use only the best materials for our tents

Durability is also important to us at Outstanding. That’s why we are always looking for the best materials for our safari tents. For example, we use impregnated wood that has been preserved under the KOMO quality mark. This wood falls in durability class 3, which means it has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. We have replaced the 80 mm wooden frames, which are often used, with the 100 mm frames, which are twice as strong. And our new end couplings also ensure an optimal lifespan for the safari tents. Both the roof and the inner tents are fixed with a tunnel-pipe system, so that the forces are distributed over a larger surface area and no point loads occur.

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Durability also comes first inside the safari tent

In addition to the solid exterior that can withstand wind and weather, the inside of our tents has also been well thought out. The fabric of our tents comes from one of the market leaders in the field of tent cloth. The TenCate fabric of our inner tents is breathable, fungicidal and rot resistant. In addition, the inner tents can be extended or replaced because they consist of separate parts. If something is broken in the inner tent, one part can easily be replaced. This is how we integrate sustainability into all aspects of our safari tents.

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There is always a safari tent that suits your needs

At Outstanding we have many different safari tents to meet everyone’s needs. Are you looking for a small safari tent, or do you want a tent that is suitable for large families? We fully customise your tent. Our tents have a lifespan of 10 years and of course we want you to be satisfied with your purchase for the entire duration. Therefore, together with you, we look at what tent best suits your campsite and personal requirements.

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Contact us and discover all the possibilities

On our website you will find an overview of all sorts of different possibilities for the use of a safari tent. For instance, our tents are not only placed on the ground, but we can also place tents at height. This makes the experience of your guests even more intense. Every situation is unique, so we at Outstanding are particularly interested in your specific wishes. Contact our enthusiastic team and share your dream with us. We are happy to get started on the safari tent that meets all your wishes!

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